Terms & Conditions

All vehicles will be paid in cash and in person. The amount will be determine by different factors such as condition, year, model, etc. Price will be given by one of our professional buyers right on the spot.

If a car is bought without paperwork (title), it will have to go trough a dmv record check at no cost to the customer to verify the legality of the transaction.If a key is not available we will verify that the person who is selling the vehicle has all documentation available for verification of the ownership of the vehicle.

How it Works

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Get Paid On The Spot.

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What people said about our service

They pick up my junk and pay me cash right on the spot!


I didn’t have the title, and the car didn’t even started. Anyway, they pay me cash and tow my car for free!


My transmission was destroy, I didn’t have the title, and they pay me anyway!